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Virtual and Hybrid Events – Experimenting with the Boundaries of the Possible

"The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) “experimented with the boundaries of the possible” in partnering with Cadmore for their biannual congress. Plus, tips for running your own virtual or hybrid event. View full article

Case Study: Enlisting Authors To Make Conference Presentations More Accessible

Scholarly video is on the rise today in no small part due to the rise of virtual events– which are, on the whole, a massive opportunity to make conferences more accessible and inclusive. However, the same accommodations that are needed at in-person conferences, such as sign-language interpreters, are also required in the virtual world. If anything, it is easier to make content accessible online than it is in a physical environment: there is more time to prepare (and pre-record presentations), and there already exists web technology and standards that can be applied to make event platforms accessible. View full article