Meet the team

Greg Gunderson, Senior Business Analyst

December 14, 2022

What about your professional background made you a good fit for Cadmore? 

I have worked in the scholarly publishing industry for many years, for both a publisher and a publishing services vendor. This has given me the opportunity to work in many different roles and with a wide range of products, technologies, and teams, including streaming video. Throughout my career I’ve also enjoyed learning, problem-solving, and to be unafraid of trying something new, which has certainly helped me in my role at Cadmore. 

What exactly does a Business Analyst at Cadmore do? 

A Business Analyst at Cadmore wears many hats. A big part of my role is working on client projects helping to define the products to be delivered and ensuring they are delivered when expected. We also have our own roadmap which requires brainstorming, writing requirements, testing, and documentation for our new products and features. I also work with my project management teammates and the engineering team to plan and prioritize development tasks across all our client and internal projects. There are always opportunities to become involved in areas outside of project work as well.  

What do you find most interesting and/or challenging about your role? 

What I’ve found most interesting is the variety of projects that I’ve been working on. One project may be designing and building a website for hosting videos, another is setting up a virtual event platform, and another working on a live streaming embed. Maybe all in the same day! I’ve certainly learned a lot in a short amount of time at Cadmore. 

Has anything surprised you about working here? 

I’d say the pace. Things can go from an idea to reality in a very short amount of time. Determining solutions to problems is a very collaborative but quick process, and everyone cares about getting things done. You can take a few days off and sometimes be surprised by something completely new when you return.  

Any tips for working from home to share with us? 

The best thing I did when I started working from home every day was to create a dedicated space where I could work (and can walk away from at end the day). Getting a stand-up/sit-down desktop, comfortable chair, and ultrawide monitor has created a much more comfortable working environment than sitting at the dining room table – with a lot less fatigue at the end of the day. And did you know that you can swap out your desk chair wheels for rollerblade wheels? It’s a game-changer you didn’t know you needed. 

What do you do when you’re not working? 

My time just before and after work belong to my dog when I’m walking him twice daily, rain or shine. He keeps me on a tight schedule. I also enjoy cooking, whether it’s grilling, making pizza, baking bread (my sourdough starter pre-dates the pandemic), or anything else that I think looks interesting to make. I’m also always on the lookout for a new hobby, which most recently has been kayak fishing, and I’m open to new suggestions.