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The new year started with a bang for Cadmore staff, as our team hosted and supported AIAA’s SciTech conference, “the world’s largest event for aerospace R&D.” This is our second time hosting SciTech, but this year the event was hybrid. Of course, Omicron had to have its say, so many sessions ended up switching from in-person to virtual as late as the first day of the conference. Fortunately, because AIAA had the foresight to ensure all technical presentations were prerecorded, we were able to make the necessary changes in the schedule and platform to allow the sessions to proceed as planned, just online.

Events are quickly moving from virtual or in-person to “hybrid,” a catch-all term that can mean quite different things, depending on who you’re talking to. We’ve identified six different “flavors” of hybrid events that we’ve seen implemented successfully and have developed a quiz to help you select the option best for your organization. Take it and let us know what you think!

We had the good fortune to be able to sneak in a team retreat in early December, just after travelers from the UK were allowed into the US and before Omicron started wreaking havoc. It was the first event bringing the entire team together, and most of us had never even met one another outside of Zoom. We were also able to have a small gathering with clients and friends from the DC area, which combined with the joy of being together in person, provided the entire team with a burst of enthusiasm and creativity that we’re carrying over into the new year. May 2022 bring you the encouragement and motivation you need—which for some of us may be a nap.

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Case Study: ICA’s Annual Meeting Exceeds Expectations with Asynchronous Format

The International Communication Association’s 71st Annual Meeting was originally scheduled to be held in Denver in May 2021. Due to the pandemic, the organizers realized months in advance they would need to plan for a virtual-only event. Being a community of professional communicators, the organizers knew that the ability for attendees to engage with one another and with the content would be a high priority, and being able to do so in multiple ways would have a significant impact on the overall event’s success. After selecting Cadmore’s virtual event platform in September 2020, the two teams outlined an event architecture that would maximize personal interactions and showcase presentation content.

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Meet the Cadmore Team:

Deborah Guinnessy, Project Manager

What drew you to a role at Cadmore?

I was impressed by Cadmore’s flexibility. A few years ago, they were focused on creating a best-in-class video publishing technology. They had the vision and flexibility to see how to make that technology an indispensable feature for conferences. In the short time I have been at Cadmore, I have seen us develop new features to better integrate the hybrid conference experience. It shows a willingness to listen to client needs and a flexibility to meet them.

Can you describe for us a typical day in the life of a project manager?

I work exclusively on events. There is no room to push a deliverable for an event because the event will start at the time advertised, ready or not. Every day we track how much work is done and what is left to do. We must make sure internal resources have been allocated appropriately and work with the client to be sure we can get what we need from them in a timely manner. At Cadmore, we talk daily about the client’s needs, the user’s experience, and how we can be the partner that delivers the technology and services that hit the sweet spot for both.

Raffle for NISO Plus22

Once again, we’re hosting the NISO Plus conference in February of next month and as part of our sponsorship, we have extra registrations we’re raffling off for readers of this newsletter. Send an email to info@cadmore.media to be entered to win a complimentary registration to the entire event! (You’ll be notified by the end of January if you have won.)

Events of Interest

Cadmore Retreat

Early in December, the entire team was able to fly to DC for a three-day retreat. It was the first time we’ve all been in one room together, and for most, the first time ever meeting in person. Here we are giving our best “cheese” face at the American Geophysical Union’s beautiful and sustainable meeting space.