Webinar: Conference and Meetings: An Update

On May 7th, 2020, a few weeks after Society Street Virtual, the “Conferences and Meetings” panel was brought back together again, to reflect on what they have seen and learned in the intervening weeks. The session held in March was extremely lively, with many questions asked in the chat. As things are continuing to change rapidly, the panel was asked to join us again to reflect on what had changed in the last month or so, and what they had learnt.

Cadmore Media CEO & Co-founder Violaine Iglesias took part in a panel moderated by Andrew Chamberlain from Consort Strategies and joined by Alexa Tullet, from the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science, and Diane Kovats, of the International Society for Computational Biology.

Watch the first part of this conversation from Society Street Virtual: https://societystreet.cadmoremedia.com/Title/3a320a9c-4d50-4676-9bb0-f5c5ecc9ca34

All Society Street videos can be found here: https://societystreet.cadmoremedia.com/

Watch this webinar here: