Case study

The International Communication Association’s Asynchronous, On-Demand Virtual Meeting a Rousing Success with Attendees

January 12, 2022

“Cadmore was crucial in regaining the trust of our attendees by helping us come back strong from a wobbly first fully virtual year (with another provider). Our second fully virtual meeting during the pandemic, using Cadmore, was a huge success, with engaged scholars, vibrant discussions, and such a positive outpouring of support and love from our members."  View full article


Video in Scholarly Communications: Issue #7

January, 2022

The new year started with a bang for Cadmore staff, as our team hosted and supported AIAA’s SciTech conference, “the world’s largest event for aerospace R&D.” This is our second time hosting SciTech, but this year the event was hybrid. Of course, Omicron had to have its say, so many sessions ended up switching from in-person to virtual as late as the first day of the conference. Fortunately, because AIAA had the foresight to ensure all technical presentations were prerecorded, we were able to make the necessary changes in the schedule and platform to allow the sessions to proceed as planned, just online. View full article

Meet the team

Deborah Guinnessy, Project Manager

January 12, 2022

What drew you to a role a Cadmore?
I was impressed by Cadmore’s flexibility. A few years ago, they were focused on creating a best-in-class video publishing technology. They had the vision and flexibility to see how to make that technology an indispensable feature for conferences. In the short time I have been at Cadmore, I have seen us develop new features to better integrate the hybrid conference experience. It shows a willingness to listen to client needs and a flexibility to meet them. 
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