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Video Journal of Biomedicine

The Video Journal of Biomedicine, published by Future Medicine, provides the missing link between high-quality research information and its intended audience, be that fellow experts, researchers in other fields, students and trainees, or the general public (including patients and caregivers). Through concise, high-quality videos, with the author on screen or via voice-over animation, researchers can personally explain their work, highlighting its importance, placing it in context, and discussing future implications.

The journal site itself is created in WordPress by FSG and is an open access site, therefore without the need for any access control functions. The Cadmore player uses a single-line embed so that it is easily incorporated into any site under the control of the publisher.

As an added feature, since the content is open, authors and others are encouraged to embed the video content on other web sites, for example this plastic surgeon has done so: https://www.julingong.com/mr-juling-ong-discusses-the-use-of-3d-printed-models-for-paediatric-surgery/

For the video journal website, visit https://www.biomedicine.video/

Other applications at FSG

FSG embeds video content hosted by Cadmore in a wide range of sites under its control, including RegMedNet.com and BioTechniques.com