Society Street Conferences

The Society Street conferences have been running since June 2018. The past and future events are featured in the conference library, built by Cadmore. Each event has a discrete set of sponsors, with links out to a dedicated space for each sponsor, where they can include some commentary, their own video promotional content or PDF, and further links out to their own web pages. Society Street conference recordings are made freely available to anyone, so the site uses the SEO features of the media library, exposing the full text of the transcripts to major search engines. The site is navigable by event, session, and speaker – using both search and browse. As the content library grows, it starts to provide a useful historical perspective on issues affecting learned and professional societies – after each event we see renewed downloads of talks given at prior events too. Keeping the content available for the long term also allows for ongoing attendee engagement as current news can be referenced back to previous presentations through social media.