Senior .NET Software Developer

Cadmore Media is looking to fill a new Senior .NET Developer role to help us build our fast-growing suite of streaming video technology products.

All development projects at Cadmore utilize C# .NET, ASP.NET (MVC), Web API, Azure SQL Server, and Azure hosting. Being web-based solutions means that solutions are architected utilizing HTML/CSS and Javascript with Bootstrap and JQuery providing some framework solutions. We strive to avoid dependencies where possible so do not encourage Javascript frameworks to provide framework modeling. At least expert/working knowledge is required in some of these categories and a deep willingness to self-teach on missing skills as there will not be time nor availability for on-the-job training with the exception of Azure hosting solutions which is not a common skill set.

A strong ability to self-manage time and priorities is a must. Also, an attitude that seeks to perfect solutions while also having the wisdom to know what is required for perfection given tight deadlines is a big plus. A willingness and desire to interact directly with customers to provide solutions and a customer-positive (internal and external) attitude is required. Finally, you will be required to work on front ends, especially in CSS to either copy presented designs or do your best to facilitate design because we do not have a designer on staff. Developers need the ability the conceptualize existing complex models and project architecture to quickly onboard. This means getting comfortable with existing development patterns, architecture, and a willingness to learn as you go.

About Cadmore Media

Cadmore Media is a young technology company that offers B2B video hosting solutions to scholarly and professional organizations, primarily in the non-profit sector. Our products improve workflows and the user experience for videos published in the Research, Education and Events. A mission-driven, customer-focused organization, Cadmore works with high-profile associations and publishers who produce media content created by the world’s most prominent scientific experts. We are entirely driven by the need to ensure that every project is a success for our clients.

As a fast-moving company, Cadmore is a demanding but exciting environment that offers unique growth opportunities to motivated team members. We believe in “working hard and being nice to people”: although our work ethic is high, we strive to give all team members an empowering environment in which they can grow, contribute to the company’s mission and acquire a high degree of autonomy. We welcome and debate new ideas and suggestions and we encourage creativity.

The entire Cadmore team works from home, using instant messaging and virtual meetings to stay connected. Primary development and business operations are split between two time zones (U.S. Eastern Time and U.K.).

Accessibility and inclusivity are at the heart of Cadmore’s mission, and we will enthusiastically consider applicants who may need special accommodations to perform their work.


Must Have (demonstrate knowledge of)
C#, ASP.NET (MVC pattern), Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL/SQL Server

Working Knowledge Preferred:
Web API, Azure (Web Apps, Virtual Servers, Blob Storage)

Bonus Knowledge:
Previous experience working with Video. FFMPEG. Previous publishing or society industry experience.

Apply by sending us a note and your resume at