NISO Plus — The Videos! Now available on the Cadmore Media platform.

Cadmore Media is delighted to announce that the new NISO video portal is now available.

This means that the following key highlights  from NISO Plus 2020 are now ready for you to view and share:

All videos meet accessibility standards, with a searchable transcript that highlights each segment of the audio as the video is playing, and/or closed captions. Easy navigation helps you get to the content you want quickly, and a handy personal clipping tool lets you edit and cite that content as needed. Over the coming weeks, we will be working on adding full metadata — based, of course, on the recommendations (in progress) of the NISO Video and Audio Metadata Guidelines Working Group.

Violaine Iglesias, CEO and Co-Founder of Cadmore, who attended NISO Plus, told us that: “We are delighted to support NISO in their efforts to make the NISO Plus sessions accessible to a wider, global audience. Transcripts and metadata will highlight industry best practices for publishing video conference proceedings, and will show how user-friendly they make the video viewing experience.”

As well as continuing to add video, we are also working on creating a repository of slides from NISO Plus sessions, which we will be sharing publicly soon — more information on that shortly!