APA Partners With Cadmore Media to Relaunch APA PsycTherapy® Demonstration Video Platform

Enhancements include new content, simplified clipping, and playlists

WASHINGTON — The American Psychological Association plans to launch a new version of APA PsycTherapy®, a streaming platform of psychotherapy demonstration videos, with enhanced content and functionality.

APA PsycTherapy, which debuted in 2011, enables clinicians, counselors and trainees to observe candid psychotherapy videos featuring known therapists. This proven counseling training method is an invaluable tool to remain abreast of the latest psychotherapy techniques.

“We’re excited to be working with Cadmore Media to bring new and improved features and additional content to this powerful clinical training tool,” said APA Journals and Books Publisher Rose Sokol-Chang, PhD.

The updated version includes several new features:

  • New educational content: Therapy topics and therapy approaches now include brief definitions to provide additional context to students.
  • Accessibility features: Accessibility is a central value of the new design, including modifications to ease use with screen readers, as well as new keyboard, visual and cognitive accessibility features.
  • Segments: Approximately 100 videos have been broken up into meaningful portions or chapters.
  • Favorites: Most items in APA PsycTherapy, including videos, therapists and topics, may be flagged by users as a favorite for future reference.

Many existing features have also been enhanced, including a simplified tool for making clips and playlists, an updated bookmark tool for creating shareable links, and new search functions. Users will also have access to a new video player with transcripts, closed captioning, segments, bookmarking and information about the videos.

“We are delighted to be the technology partner for APA as it refreshes its highly successful APA PsycTherapy product,” said Cadmore CEO Violaine Iglesias. “Our advanced player technology and media library allow teachers and students to surface and save key moments in the extensive library of psychotherapy techniques.”

Cadmore’s vision is to provide the best on-demand streaming media technology and service to scholarly and professional organizations, so they can publish video and audio content in the same expert way they do journals and books. This includes DOIs, transcript search, library discovery, search engine optimization, citations, descriptive metadata and related content, according to Iglesias.

The updated platform will be released Aug. 13. To assist institutions and individuals who have an existing license for APA PsycTherapy in the transition, APA is providing parallel access to the current and new versions of APA PsycTherapy.

APA PsycTherapy is available via an institutional site license or individual subscription to APA’s PsycNet platform of databases. More information on pricing and how to order can be found on the APA PsycTherapy webpage.