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Welcome to another month chock full of video news!  

First off, if you’re attending the Charleston Library conference, please let me know so I can take you out for coffee! (Can you tell I’m excited for my first work trip in nearly two years?!?) 

We’re delighted that both AIAA and ICA have elected to continue their relationship with us for virtual and hybrid events through 2022. We know there are a lot of event platforms out there, so this vote of confidence is much appreciated, and we’re looking forward to our continued collaboration and creation of innovative event platform features. 

 We’re also pleased to welcome TSO to the Cadmore family. TSO is the official publisher of the UK government and one of the largest publishers in the UK by volume.  

Everyone in scholarly publishing knows how essential the work that Crossref does is, and our recent partnership with them as a service provider seeks to bring a rigorous approach to video metadata, both for our clients and video in scholarship in general. Stay tuned for future developments, and if you have ideas or questions about video metadata, we’d love to hear from you. 

We were invited to participate in a panel discussion about video for the recent KGLPubFactory Virtual Series 2021 user group meeting and enjoyed sharing the results of our recent project with the Journal of Neurosurgery to integrate video into the PubFactory platform. The videos and slides are available if you’d like to hear more about the project and why JNS calls Cadmore “a media player with integrity.”  

Seems like a good note to close on, but the conversation doesn’t have to stop. Drop me a line anytime. 


Jessica, CMO, Cadmore Media  

Cadmore in the News

Editorial Content: Accessibility in Publishing

recent webinar hosted by the Society for Scholarly Publishing on accessibility issues gave attendees reasons to push forward on the accessibility front, a toolkit for how to communicate with colleagues about the issue, and practical, hands-on tips to start the journey.

Violaine Iglesias, CEO and co-founder of Cadmore Media, noted that her journey to becoming an accessibility evangelist began at an STM pre-meeting seminar where George Kerscher shared his experience of only starting to read the newspaper when he was 28 years old, due to the limitations in print publishing at the time.

She provided a list of 12 lessons she’s learned from her journey and noted that she has recently moved “it’s the right thing to do” to the top of the list, because making content accessible is a moral imperative.

Iglesias gave additional tips:

  • Actually talk to people with the disabilities you are designing for – ask about their needs and involve them in the process. You won’t achieve compliance just by checking boxes; make sure people can access the content in real-life situations.
  • Accessibility means different things: hearing and visual access are often considered, but there’s also cognitive and motor impairments. Making content accessible for one group doesn’t mean it’s accessible to all.

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Meet the Cadmore Team:

Jennifer Velten, Project Coordinator

Tell us a bit about your background before you joined Cadmore

Before Cadmore plucked me out of the medical billing industry I had worked in a zoo, taught high school in Japan, and ran performances for my university theater. A panoply of experiences with one thing in common: turning complex ideas into something simple. It’s why I got into publishing in the first place and what makes every day different from the last.

What interested you in working for a multimedia publishing platform? Did anything surprise you after you joined?

I have been in the publishing orbit for as long as I have been in school. I went to undergrad for it, earned multiple certifications for it, and got a master’s degree in it. Yet multimedia is still considered so “new” in the world of print and digital publishing that it only just made an appearance in all that formal education. I think my mouth was on the floor my first week at Cadmore, because up until then I really had no idea what the possibilities were. Multimedia has more searchability, accessibility, and flexibility tricks up its sleeves that I ever would have thought possible.

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