Video Is Here. Time to Embrace It.

October, 2020

Violaine Iglesiass, CEO and Co-Founder, Cadmore Media, outlines – and rebuts – 8 myths about video in scholarly communications in a guest post with The Scholarly Kitchen. 

This article discusses the underutilization of video content in academic publishing platforms and suggests reasons and steps to embrace video as a valuable medium in scholarly communication. Providing eight steps for societies and publishers to embrace video, including creating a market for video content, making it more interesting, offering long-form content, peer-reviewing videos, adding metadata, being creative with video in various fields, ensuring accessibility, and thinking globally to reach a broader audience. 

“Video is everywhere these days. 

It’s on YouTube of course. And TikTok. Twitch. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn. Netflix. Prime. Hulu. Vimeo. 

And, Zoom. So much Zoom. 

But, you know where video isn’t? On academic publishing platforms.” – Violaine Iglesiass, CEO and Co-Founder, Cadmore Media