Case Study

The Power of Publishing with Video

October, 2021

This KGL PubFactory article delves deep and really put scholarly video under the microscope. Examining in detail how one journal publisher in particular was harnessing the power of video to revolutionize its approach towards traditional journal publishing, adding fresh content types into the mix and enhancing user experience for its members in the process.  

The Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group has harnessed the potential of dynamic video content using the Cadmore Media video player integrated into the KGL PubFactory platform. In a previous session at the KGL PubFactory Virtual Series user group meeting, the group showcased how scholarly publishing is evolving through the incorporation of video content, enriching the user experience and expanding content types. 

In 2019, the Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group introduced “Neurosurgical Focus: Video,” a standalone journal that publishes articles in video format. Overcoming obstacles due to the nature of their content, including age restrictions on YouTube links, the group sought a video specialist to meet their specific needs. They partnered with Cadmore Media, a platform known for its tailored scholarly video solutions.