Silverchair Expands Multimedia Offerings with Cadmore Media, Enhancing User Experience Across Client Sites

June 25, 2024

(Charlottesville, VA) June 18, 2024  – Silverchair the leading independent platform provider for professional and scholarly publishers has made Cadmore Media their preferred video provider. Cadmore is a premier provider of video hosting solutions and a longtime member of the Silverchair Universe program. This collaboration marks a significant enhancement to user experiences across Silverchair’s network of client sites, particularly in the scholarly, academic, and professional sectors.   

Cadmore Media’s advanced video hosting solutions are integrated into Silverchair client sites, revolutionizing the presentation of multimedia content. This partnership offers numerous benefits to clients, including improved accessibility, discoverability, and engagement with scholarly materials.  

Among Silverchair’s extensive roster of clients benefitting from Cadmore Media’s video solutions are renowned organizations such as:  

  • Duke University Press  
  • American Association of Perioperative Nurses (AORN)  
  • The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery  
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)  
  • The America Institute of Physics (AIPP)  
  • McGraw Hill Access Medicine   
  • The American Hematology Society (ASH)  
  • The Surgical Council on Resident Education (SCORE®)  
  • American Medical Association EdHub 

Clients using Silverchair’s and Cadmore Media’s solutions benefit from solutions tailored specifically for the scholarly and academic industries. The Cadmore platform streamlines the publishing process for video content on the Silverchair Platform by integrating with existing XML workflows when video is supplementary (such as with a journal article), or by creating a new, easy XML workflow for video-first content like webinars. Users can upload video content materials like webinars and easily generate XML for publication on the Silverchair Platform, bypassing traditional steps such as compositing. By including essential metadata in the XML, the Cadmore workflow enhances both efficiency and accessibility in multimedia content delivery. 

Nina Hoffman, Chief Publications Officer at The American Hematology Society (ASH) noted, “ASH sought a vendor who could provide growth opportunities as our needs evolve and given Cadmore’s strong understanding of scholarly publishing, their platform was a perfect fit for ASH’s multimedia efforts.”  

Cadmore Media’s solutions offer versatility for embedding video and audio content into book and journal sites, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and corporate sites, enhancing content delivery strategies and discoverability. This enables publishers to explore revenue diversification opportunities through sponsorships and ads within the media player. 

Furthermore, Cadmore’s solutions simplify content management, ensure compliance with accessibility standards, and provide powerful analytics capabilities for deeper insights into audience engagement. 

The collaboration between Silverchair and Cadmore underscores their shared commitment to advancing scholarly communication through innovative technology. By integrating multimedia capabilities, Silverchair continues to empower publishers and scholarly organizations to deliver engaging content to their audiences effectively.  

Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen, VP of Marketing at Silverchair, notes that Silverchair is even a Cadmore client themselves, “For us, given Cadmore being specific to scholarly publishers, the thought leadership that they provide throughout our industry, and that they are really a one-stop shop, it was the obvious choice for us.”  She continues, “This expanded partnership allows us to further elevate the user experience for our clients and their audiences, providing seamless access to valuable scholarly content.”  

Through the Silverchair Universe program, clients gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and services for digital publishing workflows. The integration of Cadmore’s video hosting solutions enriches this ecosystem, providing clients with reliable multimedia support to enhance their content offerings.  

Silverchair clients can learn more about this offering by contacting or 

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Silverchair is the leading independent platform partner for scholarly and professional publishers, serving the growing community through flexible technology and unparalleled services. 

About Cadmore Media 

Founded in 2018 by academic publishing and streaming experts, Cadmore Media provides media management and streaming services that enable academic and professional organizations to expertly publish video and audio content. Cadmore’s platform empowers leading publishers and societies to maximize media assets for enhanced accessibility, engagement and discovery. Learn more:   

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Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen
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