PROJECTR, the essential streaming platform for the educational community, relaunches to offer an array of innovative new features, with support from Cadmore Media  

March 11, 2024

In June 2024, PROJECTR will unveil the latest advancements for its platform, designed to elevate the multimedia experience with innovative new enhancements and features. Tailored to meet the evolving demands and needs of educational institutions and public libraries throughout North America, the platform redefines how faculty and students or media librarians and library patrons access and engage with its extensive collection of films largely unavailable elsewhere. 

PROJECTR is dedicated to empowering libraries with a curated collection of acclaimed independent and international documentaries and narrative films of all durations. Whether on college campuses or in public settings, PROJECTR amplifies diverse and underrepresented voices from around the world, providing thought-provoking works that spark conversations and enrich learning and understanding.

The new features of PROJECTR were made possible through a partnership with CADMORE MEDIA, utilizing their expertise and technology to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for its institutional partners.

At PROJECTR, the complexities of doing business in the current digital landscape is entirely understood. Such issues require a comprehensive range of business models to support the diverse needs of public libraries and educational institutions. From single-title purchases to curated collections, PROJECTR supports the many ways in which libraries want to acquire media, providing flexibility and ensuring a seamless experience for both the providers and the viewers. With support for life-of-file access, PROJECTR ensures continuous access to valuable media, eliminating the hassle of expiration dates and renewals.

PROJECTR handles everything institutions and libraries require. From comprehensive COUNTER reports to track usage statistics and performance metrics, to adherence to key library standards such as MARC records and KBART compatibility, the PROJECTR platform is designed with these needs in mind. With full compliance with WCAG standards and VPAT documentation, accessibility is at the forefront of these efforts, ensuring inclusivity for all users and use-cases.

You are invited to explore the new features of PROJECTR and discover how the next-generation service can elevate your multimedia needs. Reach out today to learn more about the expanded capabilities of the platform.

About Cadmore Media
Founded in 2018 by academic publishing and streaming media professionals, Cadmore Media offers a media management and streaming service that enables scholarly and professional organizations to expertly publish video and audio content. The streaming media platform offers the world’s leading publishers, societies and film distributors new ways to use their media assets to increase engagement, accessibility, and discovery.   

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