Media Education Foundation (MEF) To Launch New Custom Streaming Platform With Support From Cadmore Media  

February 29, 2024

BETHESDA, USA/OXFORD, UK, February 2024The Media Education Foundation (MEF), leading producers and distributors of educational documentary films and other resources that critically examine U.S. media, is thrilled to announce the launch of its own custom streaming platform. Developed in collaboration with Cadmore Media, this new state-of-the-art platform is designed to enhance the way universities and other educational institutions access and interact with MEF’s catalogue of more than 170 documentary films.

“Our partnership with Cadmore Media is a testament to MEF’s commitment to remaining a fiercely independent producer and distributor of educational documentaries,” said Alexandra Peterson, Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy at MEF. “This collaboration underscores our dedication to offering our customers the most current options and trends in educational streaming media. On this new platform, we’ve created a highly curated experience for our users that situates them in an online environment stocked exclusively with educational films. Users can trust that on our platform, they’ll have only the best teaching tools at their fingertips.”

MEF is one of the nation’s leading producers and distributors of documentary films focused on the social, political, and cultural impact of U.S. mass media. Over the years, MEF has collaborated with some of the foremost media scholars in the world on titles tackling a range of issues related to U.S. media culture, from corporate media ownership to mainstream news coverage of U.S. militarism and war to dominant commercial media representations of race, gender, sexuality, violence, and class. These titles have been integrated into educational curricula and used in college and university classrooms across the U.S. and around the world to foster critical thinking about mainstream media narratives.

This new streaming platform, tailored to seamlessly integrate with universities and educational institutions, will only enhance MEF’s ability to engage students on some of the most high-stakes issues and debates of our time.

“We are thrilled to partner with Media Education Foundation in launching their bespoke streaming platform,” said Violaine Iglesias, CEO and Co-Founder, Cadmore Media. “Collaborating with MEF aligns perfectly with Cadmore Media’s commitment to empowering educational content providers. This initiative exemplifies our dedication to enhancing accessibility, engagement, and discovery. Together, we look forward to fostering a new era of impactful learning experiences.”

Key features of the new streaming platform developed by Cadmore include:

  • Faster access to streaming subscriptions upon purchase, significantly improving the user experience.
  • A new streaming option for MEF’s perpetual digital site license, expanding the availability of MEF’s content.
  • A responsive and accessible design that works seamlessly across different devices and meets accessibility standards.
  • An industry-leading media player that provides a range of essential functionalities, including closed captioning, interactive transcripts, translation display, downloadable PDF transcripts, and metadata display.
  • Robust search capabilities driven by metadata, making content highly searchable and accessible.
  • Comprehensive biographical information about filmmakers and scholars.
  • Free comprehensive discussion guides for scores of films, featuring section summaries, key points, discussion questions, writing and research exercises, and additional resources.

MEF’s entire catalog will be available on the new platform on a publisher-direct basis in March 2024.

About the Media Education Foundation

Media Education Foundation (MEF) is a leading producer and distributor of documentary films and educational resources dedicated to inspiring critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. For more information, visit

About Cadmore Media

Founded in 2018 by academic publishing and streaming media professionals, Cadmore offers a media management and streaming service that enables academic and professional organizations to expertly publish video and audio content. The streaming media platform offers the world’s leading publishers and societies new ways to use their media assets to increase engagement, accessibility, and discovery. For more information, visit

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