OrthoMedia, an initiative of Bone & Joint, continues to grow in its ongoing development with Cadmore Media  

January 29, 2024

London, UK and Oxford, UK29th January 2024 Bone & Joint, a global, independent specialist in orthopaedic education, is pleased to announce that more partnerships have been formed with leading medical centres and orthopaedic associations, to include their video content on OrthoMedia’s Surgical Techniques and Training channel. This will be possible using streaming technology from Cadmore Media. 

Bone & Joint developed OrthoMedia, with the support of Cadmore Media, to transform orthopaedic techniques and enhance patient care. The addition of videos including those from HSS (Hospital of Special Surgery), ASSH (American Society for Surgery of the Hand) and Liverpool Foot & Ankle, as well as many others, is a significant step in providing professionals with world-class orthopaedic, trauma and musculoskeletal related information. 

“We are honoured to announce that OrthoMedia, an initiative of Bone & Joint, has achieved yet another milestone in its journey of development, thanks to their collaboration with Cadmore Media. Together, we are reshaping the future of orthopaedic education and information dissemination, empowering professionals and patients alike to access the knowledge they need.” – Violaine Iglesias, CEO, Cadmore Media  

By sourcing content from various conferences, associations and medical centres, Bone & Joint ensures a robust and up-to-date collection of educational resources for their audience, all of which is free to access via registration.   

“OrthoMedia is an innovative platform that brings together surgical techniques and conference videos all with transcripts allowing up-to-the second searching. Through our collaboration with Cadmore Media, this platform is another step forward in our mission to provide relevant and important information for the education of orthopaedic surgeons and allied branches of surgery.” – Emma Vodden, Director of Publishing, Bone & Joint   

About Bone & Joint 

The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery is a not-for-profit charity and Company limited by Guarantee. Bone & Joint are a global, independent specialist in orthopaedic information. It was formed in 1953 for “the advancement and improvement of education in orthopaedic surgery and allied branches of surgery”, achieved through publication of The Bone & Joint Journal, and related activities.  

About Cadmore Media 

Founded in 2018 by scholarly publishing and streaming media professionals, Cadmore offers a media management and streaming service that enables scholarly and professional organizations to expertly publish video and audio content. The streaming media platform offers the world’s leading publishers and societies new ways to use their media assets to increase engagement, accessibility, and discovery.   

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