Landscape Review of Streaming Media

September, 2018

This whitepaper, titled “A Landscape Review of Streaming Media in Scholarly Publishing,” published in 2018 by Renew Publishing Consultants, explores the use of video and audio in scholarly communication. Over the course of March and April 2018, Renew Publishing Consultants conducted 25 interviews and conversations with various organizations involved in scholarly communication. The primary objective was to understand how these organizations were utilizing video and audio and to highlight successful case studies. 

The whitepaper explains:  

Video is excellent for: 

  • demonstrations of any kind (surgery, psychotherapy, lab techniques) 
  • showing behavior (studies of animals or people) 
  • showing movement (cells, industrial machinery, artists/dancers at work) 
  • promotion (of brands, articles, science) through social media 
  • lay summaries of complex information 
  • teaching and learning 

Audio is excellent for: 

  • Building rapport — and by extension, community”