Case study

“For us, OpenAthens is a bridge”

December, 2023

Over 30 learned societies and publishers rely on us to ensure secure and efficient access to their content. In this case study with OpenAthens, our CRO, Simon Inger, discusses the challenges faced in access management and how our unique approach created an innovative solution. This solution involves a multi-layered approach to access management, catching the interest of OpenAthens. Simon Inger, Chief Revenue Officer at Cadmore Media, explained the innovative approach, offering users a choice in login methods. While clients’ primary authentication often involves a society’s member database, it can extend to authentication through existing data from events systems or journal platforms. If none of these options suffice, Cadmore turns to OpenAthens for reliable user authentication. 

In Simon’s words, “If all these can’t help, we can authenticate through OpenAthens. And so while our use of OpenAthens is low, it actually fulfils a very important role for us.” 

“The shift towards video is inevitable, so societies and publishers will want to embrace it,” says Simon. “We’re building more websites, including some where societies want us to play a more central role in authenticating users. This will change how we use OpenAthens, and its characteristics like security features, reach, reporting and end user privacy will become a sales point for us.”