Don’t Post Your Videos and Podcasts. Publish Them.

December, 2019

In this write up of a live presentation given by Violaine Iglesias, Cadmore Media’s CEO, the importance of publishing video and audio content is discussed, particularly in the scholarly and professional world.  

Violaine begins by highlighting common challenges faced by internet users, such as long and unstructured videos, making it difficult to find relevant information. In a world where streaming platforms like YouTube are thriving, the scholarly and professional community has been slow to embrace audio and video content. There is a need for authoritative and well-curated video and audio resources, especially in fields like medicine where professionals may turn to YouTube for guidance. 

“Why “publish” video and audio content? If you are a scholarly or professional organization, in all likelihood, your video and audio assets are authoritative sources of information. They should not just be posted online. They should be well-identified, standardized, tagged, summarized, described, transcribed, segmented, translated, indexed, discovered, accessed, searched, skimmed, cited, clipped, embedded, shared, bookmarked, downloaded, saved, annotated. Just like journals, books, proceedings and, increasingly, datasets, scholarly and professional recordings should be published. Cadmore Media was founded to help.” Violaine Iglesias, Cadmore Media’s CEO