Content still king in video age

January, 2021

Before the pandemic, the use of video was on the rise, whether being used as a tool to enhance the dissemination of research, to record and promote the proceedings of industry conferences, or to enhance the marketing efforts of industry players, from society publishers to aggregators to the purveyors of the latest technology. In this article in Research Information, Tim Gillett interviews Violaine Iglesias, Cadmore Media’s CEO about the kind of creativity Cadmore is seeing in this space in collaboration with societies.   

Iglesias highlights how “video investments made now can still be utilised to capture valuable content and make it accessible to those who cannot attend. In-person events only capture a slice of the interesting activity; many can’t attend due to budgets, health or family commitments. Because of this, many societies who have experimented with online events this year have no plans to ditch the format when live events do become possible – there are too many benefits to collecting, creating and publishing the video content.”