Metadata for Miles:

The NISO Video and Metadata Guidelines Working Group Makes Sense of It All

The NISO Video and Metadata Guidelines Working Group has undertaken the task of producing guidelines for the production of metadata for video and audio content. 

The ultimate objective of the guidelines is to ease the pain points that can occur in the interchange of video and audio assets between the different NISO constituency groups, including publishers, libraries, and vendors. 

The origins of this group are similar to that of many other NISO initiatives: We had a problem that didn’t have a ready-made solution. When Cadmore was just getting started, one question that arose quickly was around metadata. We needed to know what metadata standard we should recommend to both our publisher clients and our technology partners, including publishing platforms and discovery services. We quickly found out nobody really knew what to use, so we went to NISO for advice – who said it would be great if somebody started a group to find that out. So Cadmore CEO Violaine Iglesias founded this NISO group with Bill “Mr. Standards” Kasdorf and Barbara Chen, most recently of the Modern Language Association, as co-chairs. 

The group has had two main activities so far: identifying use cases for video and audio metadata in the information industry, and reviewing existing standards relevant to media – including PBCoreEBUCore, IPTC Video Metadata Hub,, MODS, and Dublin Core. The objective of both is to create a “Rosetta Stone” of metadata properties that will enable NISO constituents to understand each other’s language. 

We kicked off in 2019, we survived 2020, and we are now planning to publish a Recommended Practice by the end of this year.  

To learn more, contact any of the group’s members or read the approved work item.