SCORE Case Study

Case study

SCORE and Cadmore Media: Streamlining video publishing with Media Embed

January 10, 2024


SCORE shares why they chose Cadmore Media as their preferred video partner. SCORE transitioned to Cadmore’s Media Embed to:

  • Streamline video publishing

  • Reduce staff time spent publishing video

  • Better serve their partners

“With Cadmore’s web interface, it’s very easy to upload singular videos, move them into revision, and manage larger swathes of content.”


The SCORE Portal® provides residents and training programs with high-quality educational materials and a structured program for self-learning. SCORE focuses on all areas of general surgery and related specialties as well as fellowship-level content.

SCORE users are busy surgical trainees, and they subscribe to SCORE for its curricular content.  Residents use the videos for microlearning – quick, just-in-time learning – that can be consumed when the residents are on the go, traveling to work or even between cases.

At issue

In publishing, SCORE used a commercial server for file storage for all of their video content. SCORE published videos in huge batches, maintained by a spreadsheet. The process was very technical, not very user friendly, and inflexible. SCORE couldn’t easily move videos into revision and then quickly publish the revised videos. It was difficult to have a more flexible schedule for video publishing.

In short, SCORE wanted a streamlined way to publish more video, faster, to reduce staff time spent publishing video, and to better serve their partners and their users.


With Cadmore’s web interface, it’s very easy to upload singular videos, move them into revision, and manage larger swathes of content.

The analytics functionality allows SCORE to assess the success of their videos and to learn which topics are of most interest to their audience. The dashboard gives them an easy way to see trends and to share information with their partners.

They use the tagging feature a lot on their stored content to track the videos.  For example, when new videos are published, they are promoted on SCORE’s social media. They then use tags to track which videos have been posted.

With the assistance of the easy-to-use web interface, the analytics, and the tagging features, SCORE has launched their own series of videos and they’ve collaborated with a hospital to produce a set number of videos at regular intervals, with less staff time than before.