Case study

Bone & Joint Choose Cadmore Media As Technology Partner For OrthoMedia

June 13, 2024

Emma Vodden, Director of Publishing, and Charlotte Parkins, Product Manager, at The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery recently spoke with Cadmore Media about choosing Cadmore Media as their technology partner for OrthoMedia.


  • Addressing Content Preservation: The primary issue was ensuring that valuable recorded orthopedic conference content remained accessible and engaging, instead of being lost or hosted on unengaging platforms.
  • Choosing Cadmore for Its Unique Features: Cadmore’s platform was chosen for its transcript facilities, ability to add lots of metadata to the videos , and deep understanding of the publishing space, making it ideal for Bone & Joint’s needs.
  • Successful Content Management and Expansion: The partnership’s success led to hiring a digital content editor and expanding offerings to include podcasts, journal animations, surgical technique videos, and training content.
  • Overcoming Concerns about Research Integrity: Introducing a registration step for accessing conference content helped alleviate concerns about research integrity, ensuring secure and trusted use of the platform.
  • Strategic Insights and Support from Cadmore: Simon’s experience in publishing provided strategic insights that went beyond technical capabilities, offering valuable suggestions on utilizing the platform for audience benefit.
  • Future Enhancements and Continued Growth: Upcoming enhancements in Cadmore’s platform, such as live event capabilities and improved backend processes, promise to streamline operations further and enhance user experience, supporting ongoing growth and innovation.

Case study

At Issue

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we, at Bone & Joint, faced a unique challenge rather than a traditional problem. We have long-standing relationships with various international orthopedic associations and hosted numerous research methods courses. However, the pandemic shifted everything online, including major orthopedic conferences. These conferences were either not accessible post-event or were hosted on flat, unengaging platforms. The primary issue we sought to resolve was the potential loss of valuable recorded content, which would eventually be taken offline due to storage limitations. Our goal was to create a platform that could store and host these conference videos, ensuring they remain accessible and engaging. With our close ties and our desire to serve the orthopedic community in mind, we decided to approach Cadmore to help us solve this issue.

Why Cadmore

Our choice to partner with Cadmore was influenced by several factors. Cadmore’s platform offered unique features such as transcript facilities and the ability to add lots of metadata to the videos, making them more accessible and engaging. Their deep understanding of the publishing space and their innovative approach to multimedia content management made them the ideal partner for our needs. Additionally, Cadmore’s support team, led by experts like Simon and Violaine, provided us with invaluable insights and assistance, ensuring that our content was not only preserved but also enhanced for better user engagement.


The collaboration with Cadmore yielded impressive results. Initially, both Emma and Charlotte from our team were heavily involved in the process. However, the success of our content on the Cadmore platform led us to hire a dedicated digital content editor. This expansion was necessary to keep up with the growing volume of content and the increasing demand for our platform.

One of the significant challenges we faced was overcoming the concerns of content creators about research integrity. Cadmore’s solution to introduce a registration step for accessing conference content helped alleviate these concerns. This move reassured our partners about the security and integrity of their work.

The platform’s success also led us to expand our offerings. We now host podcasts, journal animations, surgical technique videos, and training content on the platform, aiming to make it the “YouTube of orthopaedics.” The integration of Cadmore’s transcript indexing, the extensive metadata and our digital product, OrthoSearch, has enhanced content discoverability and user engagement. Furthermore, we are exploring new digital products and live webinar events, with Cadmore’s platform being central to these initiatives.


Our journey with Cadmore has been inspiring and transformative. Their platform has allowed us to leverage our unique position in the orthopedic community, enhancing our content’s reach and impact. The support and ideas from the Cadmore team have been particularly inspiring. Simon’s experience in publishing provided us with strategic insights that went beyond the technical capabilities of the platform. His suggestions on how to utilize the platform for our audience’s benefit were invaluable.

Looking forward, we are excited about the upcoming enhancements in Cadmore’s platform, including live event capabilities and improved backend processes. These advancements will further streamline our operations and enhance the user experience. The analytics provided by Cadmore have also been instrumental in understanding our audience and improving our content strategies. We are confident that with Cadmore, we can continue to grow and innovate, bringing high-quality orthopedic content to our audience in new and engaging ways.

In conclusion, our partnership with Cadmore has been instrumental in preserving and enhancing orthopedic content. Their innovative platform and exceptional support have enabled us to serve our community better and explore new opportunities for growth and engagement.