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AUA Boosts Compliance, Engagement, and Insights with Cadmore’s Media Embed

April 18, 2024


The American Urological Association (AUA) has a mission to be clinically relevant, with short-form clinical content, and within editorial, they have a mission to showcase other AUA publications. AUA sought a video technology partner who could help AUA increase its reach. For sponsored webinars, AUA also needed a controlled environment that aligns with compliance standards for their industry partners in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. With Media Embed, webinar revenue has increased by 200%, and content volume and website stickiness have increased.


  • The AUA selected Cadmore Media to meet business requirements for compliance, increased time on-site, better analytics, and technology that could be used easily by a small, dedicated staff.
  • Sponsored webinars have been successful, selling out months in advance and increasing revenue by 200%.
  • Embeds enhance written content and are leading to increased volume.
  •  Site traffic has increased and website stickiness has improved.

At issue

AUA has a mission to be clinically relevant, with short-form clinical content, and within editorial, they have a mission to showcase other AUA publications. For webinars, AUA needed a controlled environment that could meet compliance standards for their industry partners in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.


  • Compliance
  • Increased stickiness on the site
  • Better analytics
  • Easy to use

The perfect storm

When Jennifer Regala, Director of Publications and Executive Editor, started at AUA, there were two peer-reviewed journals. They’ve since launched a third, an open-access journal. The AUA also have a multitude of other publications, including AUANews. Jennifer saw the opportunity for AUANews to grow from a flip book that was behind a paywall that you couldn’t search into being part of AUA’s digital ecosystem. At the same time that Jennifer was rethinking AUANews, the organization had reimagined its website. And there was an opportunity to collaborate on sponsored webinars with Keith Price, Senior Manager of Sponsorships and Exhibits at AUA.

Jennifer knew that people don’t want to sit and read things. They want video content. They want events. They want opportunities to learn that don’t cost them any money. Additionally, AUA members want to stay more in tune with what is happening with their industry partners throughout the year rather than waiting for the annual meeting for educational content. AUA is pulling key opinion leaders on topics that are really important to practicing urologists. And they are reaching out to support patients. All of that feeds into the digital ecosystem…and a need for a video technology solution.

This is where the Cadmore comes in.

Why Cadmore

AUA was looking for a technology partner that could increase stickiness on the site, provide better analytics, meet compliance requirements, and be easy to use. For Jennifer, that meant Cadmore. Working with AUA’s small staff, the technology needed to be easy to use and it needed to deliver results.

“We needed a partner.  We needed someone who would work with our small staff and who understood our industry so that we could get further faster.  I knew we needed Cadmore. When it came time for the budget proposal, I stated that people are not going to leave our site when we’re using Cadmore technology and that’s going to drive up our numbers for usage on the site and for ad revenues.” –Jennifer Regala

For Keith, who is responsible for sponsored webinars, compliance requirements were topmost on his mind. He needed to provide their industry partners in big pharma and in medical devices a controlled environment rather than having their programming out on YouTube. Before pitching new ideas to prospective sponsors, he needed to ensure everything was in order due to various restrictions and regulations.

“I knew with Cadmore we could put the webinars under more of a lock and key, which would allow sponsors to participate.” – Jennifer Regala


Overall, Cadmore’s impact on AUA’s initial goals has been significant, enabling successful webinars and driving growth in content and site ranking.

Sponsored webinars

  • Cadmore facilitated secure webinars, allowing sponsors to participate confidently.
  • Sponsored webinars have been successful, selling out every month through next summer and increasing revenue by 200%.

Diversification and Growth

With Media Embed, the Association is branching out into new types of video content and is seeing growth in the amount of the preexisting types of video content. The AUA is using embeds to enhance written content, which increases their volume. Instead of inviting someone to write 500 to 1000 words, with accompanying figures and tables on a certain topic, they now ask for 100 words on what’s going on in their area of expertise, with an accompanying video, and that is what becomes the article.

  • Embeds enhance written content and are leading to increased volume.
  • Articles now incorporate both short written thoughts and accompanying videos.

Usage and Ranking

With a year’s worth of data, AUANews now ranks second in usage across the association’s site, trailing only the Journal of Urology. And site traffic surpasses their biggest competitor.

In terms of usage, we have a year worth of data. And now at this point, we are number two in all of Urology. Our site’s only been up for one year. The only site beating us is the Journal of Urology. So I can’t be mad about that. And then us. And then our general site. And our site traffic does beat our biggest competitor. Jennifer Regala

Team Collaboration and Service Excellence

The team’s work has been seamless and superior compared to other vendor relationships within the AUA. Initially assigned to the publications team, the Cadmore team now collaborates with various other departments, including industry relations, development, marketing, and communications.

One example of how Cadmore collaborated to meet AUAs needs was developing a new RSVP form in order to meet sponsors needs.

Beyond business requirements, Cadmore demonstrates genuine care for outcomes and personalized engagement.

“And there’s the intangible that you can’t easily add to a business requirement.  Cadmore cares about our outcomes. They’re truly fascinated by what we’re doing. It’s very personalized, it’s very engaged. And Cadmore helps us succeed.” – Jennifer Regala


Despite still selling print ads and having a print issue, AUAs focus has shifted towards exploring new opportunities using the Cadmore framework, including revenue diversification, evergreen content, and different types of video content for the medical community. Cadmore helps curate content across various use cases, ensuring meaningful and relevant information.

“We still do sell print ads. We still do have a print issue. But all of the interest is now around these different opportunities that we can do with using this, this Cadmore framework. You can have a shoestring staff, you can have this and that, but Cadmore has the infrastructure in place. It’s easy to use, it’s intuitive, it has a lot of flexibility. And it’s a revenue diversification opportunity.  Cadmore helps us curate content across our use cases in a meaningful way.” – Jennifer Regala

About the American Urological Association

Founded in 1902, the American Urological Association is the premier urologic association, providing invaluable support to the urologic community. Their goal is to promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research, and the formulation of health care policy.

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