Cadmore Media has been selected by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a technology partner to develop and host a centralized video broadcasting solution aimed at improving the state of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) education in the United States. The solution will allow for live broadcasts to be deployed across multiple websites and social channels simultaneously, with a streamlined back-end workflow, unified reporting, and high interactivity.

The four-year contract was awarded via a competitive RFP process.

“It is imperative that physicians and medical trainees have access to the information they need to protect themselves, their colleagues, and their patients from infection and understand the rationale behind infection control protocols. As part of the AMA’s collaboration with the CDC on its national infection prevention and control training initiative, we look forward to working with Cadmore Media to help us develop and disseminate training and educational resources on infection control to physicians, residents, and medical students throughout the U.S.,” said Paul Gee, AMA Vice President of Digital Product Management and Development. “Through the AMA Ed Hub™ education platform, we will provide a streamlined way for the physician community to access these vital educational materials, as well as facilitate knowledge sharing and online discussion with their colleagues, to improve patient outcomes.”

Violaine Iglesias, CEO and co-founder of Cadmore added, “This is an exciting and forward-thinking project that the AMA is undertaking, and we’re delighted to partner with them to bring it to fruition. We’re using as a starting place our core streaming platform that was developed for scholarly and professional use, and then building it out to meet the specific and unique needs of the AMA.”

The American Medical Association, through their participation in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Project Firstline, seeks to not only meet the CDC’s goal of disseminating accessible and responsive IPC training and education through its extensive network, but also create a model to broadly disseminate evidence-based information to the public in an engaging, interactive way.

The Cadmore team’s phased process will address AMA Project Firstline’s key goals for this project, including the ability to easily schedule, broadcast, and redistribute broadcast content published by the AMA and its partners; to offer an engaging and interactive user experience that will foster an online community of physicians and health care personnel; and to expand the reach of the content by meeting the community where it is, not only via AMA resources but also through CDC partner websites and social media.

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