Why is Cadmore Media different from other streaming solutions?

Although our platform does have some functionality in common with other existing online video platforms – mainly, hosting and streaming capabilities as well as analytics -, it is a new type of platform that focuses on helping scholarly and professional organizations add descriptive content to their assets and properly integrate them with the rest of their content.

Does Cadmore produce media content?

No, although we know people who do! Cadmore Media specializes in the enrichment, hosting, streaming and delivery of video and audio assets.

Can I edit audio or video content in your platform?

The Cadmore Media platform does not feature tools to edit video or audio files; it was designed to host finalized digital files. It does include enrichment functionality to add descriptive content such as metadata, captions, transcripts, translations, segments, thumbnails and related assets.

Can you help with our video and audio content strategy?

Yes! We combine expertise in streaming technology with the specific opportunities, goals and challenges facing scholarly and professional organizations who are publishing – or starting to publish – audio and video alongside other types of content such as journals, books, reference material, conferences and datasets.

How much do you care about accessibility?

A lot! Making media content accessible to all is at the core of Cadmore’s mission. We are heavily investing in accessibility research for our own player, and facilitate our client organizations’ efforts to create the descriptive content required by accessibility guidelines – which happens to have other incredible benefits for SEO, discoverability and information retention. We even wrote an article about it!